Christine Hanson had to cancel her performance due to Covid-19.


Christine Hanson had to cancel her performance due to Covid-19.

Performing at the inaugural Dead Ends Live Festival was a 2022 highlight for me. We all have good musicians that we admire from a distance. We’re like ships passing in the night traveling to and from our respective gigs. To have the chance to travel, break bread and play with the likes of David Gans, Joe Craven and my long time pal Mark Hummel was a delightful and rare pleasure. Thanks to Peter, Jayne, the great musicians who learned our songs and the whole crew for making it so easy to groove!”
Gary Vogensen

Playing at the inaugural Dead Ends Live Fest was a new experience for this bluesman, as it exposed me to different genres and wonderful musicians. I teamed up with former New Rider Gary Vogensen, and we got a new project out of the experience, ‘A Night at the Fillmore’. Hearing and meeting Joe Craven and Harry Manx was a true highlight!! Can’t wait to play it again!”
Mark Hummel, Berkeley, California

“Listening to the musical chemistry created between local musicians and those in the extended Dead family using Grateful Dead music as a vessel was a magical experience. There were so many moments of unique musical brilliance. For me, playing at the festival was an opportunity to participate in the evolution of the Dead’s music and expansion of the ethos. I was very grateful to contribute to this wonderful community that is really important to me.”
James Stuart, Mbira Renaissance Band

“I had a GREAT time at Dead Ends Live! I met a bunch of great musicians,
 played two full sets with the amazing Joe Craven, and got to perform in a
 beautiful church in front of a full house!”

David Gans/Host of the Grateful Dead Radio Hour


Kat Danser was ill and had to cancel her performance.