In addition to great live shows, Dead Ends Live will be hosting Shakedown Street, a festival marketplace inside the Chateau Lacombe Hotel lobby. Visitors can attend book, poster and album signings and shop for cool merchandise from our Shakedown vendors.

Shakedown Street is open to everyone regardless of your type of passes so do make sure you drop by.

Shakedown Street goes back to the early 80s as the vending area of a jam band parking lot wherever concerts would take place and is named after the 1978 Grateful Dead album and song. Items sold have included music, clothing, jewellery, artwork, books, food, drink, alcoholic beverages and more. We’re very pleased to be able to honour that tradition with great offerings in our indoor marketplace.


Shakedown Street hours are 5 pm to 10 pm on March 17 and noon to 10 pm on March 18 (TO BE CONFIRMED).

Parking is available at the Chateau Lacombe as well as on the street and in other downtown lots.


Dale Ladouceur Leatherwork

Dale Ladouceur is a musician, writer, journalist and leatherworker. She creates original leather and vegan leather works of every kind. Her work has sold internationally and her Canadian Wildlife series was featured at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Javier Hinojosa Jewellery

Grateful Dead jewelry is made of high quality materials and hand-crafted by Javier Hinojosa from Cancun, Mexico.

Heritage Posters and Music

Your source for pop culture history…
Vintage vinyl and CDsRare concert, tour & gig posters and music photos. Maybe you were there, maybe you weren’t. Doesn’t matter, you can still relive a bit of music history.


Koslo Creations

Tim Koslo’s artwork is based in very detailed ink pointillism. He paints and embellishes all of his work (not including black & white T-shirts) with watercolour, acrylic, metallic and iridescent paints. His limited edition prints are titled, numbered and signed.  Each print is separately and uniquely embellished with an additional 4 to 32 hours of fine ink work and metal treatment.

mothra designs/Frugal Spendthrift One-off Artisan Jewellery

mothra designs is the alter-ego of Eileen Sproule, a theatre artist who is happily driven to create small beautiful affordable things.  Under the guise of mothra, she makes jewelry, cards, and other objects as the spirit moves her.

Frugal Spendthrift
cards contain vintage bits and pieces collected over the years.

Originally from Montreal, Eileen has been in Edmonton since 1990.  A self-proclaimed materials snob, she works with a mix of vintage and new glass, stone, wood, metal and shell.  (If it’s plastic, it’s pre-1950 or really funky.)  Most of the beads have a story.  She’d tell them all, but time is money!

Her pieces have gone to Thailand, Turkey, Japan, Australia, England, and all across the country.  Don’t be surprised if you’re wearing one and someone asks, “Is that an Eileen Sproule?”